Bouquet Café


Bouquet BÁSICO (Basic)

BÁSICO - grande (large)

BÁSICO - médio (medium)

BÁSICO - médio (medium)

BÁSICO - grande (large)

  • pequeno (small) $30

  • médio (medium) $35

  • grande (large) $40

Bouquet BONITO (Pretty)

BONITO - médio (medium)

BONITO - médio (medium)

BONITO - grande (large)

BONITO - médio (medium)

  • pequeno (small) $45

  • médio (medium) $50

  • grande (large) $55

Bouquet LUXO (Luxury)

LUXO - grande (large)

LUXO - médio (medium)

LUXO - grande
LUXO - grande

LUXO - grande (large)

  • pequeno (small) $60

  • médio (medium) $65

  • grande (large) $75

Our bouquet café has something for everyone!  Our bundles of bliss are available in three different categories: 

  • BÁSICO (Basic) everyday flowers

  • BONITO (Pretty) a treat to self

  • LUXO (Luxury) for the connoisseur

Flores & Amores offers three different sizes in each of the floral categories:

  • pequeno (small) includes several beautiful blooms and greens

  • médio (medium) includes a variety of mixed blooms and mixed greens

  • grande (large) includes a robust variety of blooms and premium greens

All our bouquets and arrangements will be carefully wrapped with attention to detail and our "amor", however they will not include a vase.  The perfect vase for your bouquet will be sold separately.  Let us choose the best match, or you may choose from heavy clear glass, ceramic, or premium vessel. We will be happy to send you photos of our current selection and let you pick your favourite!  

VASES: Prices start at $15 for a thick clear glass vase, $20 and up for ceramic, and $30 and up for premium vases.  Quality artisan vases and pottery exclusively made in Portugal coming soon!


If the bouquet or arrangement is a gift, Flores & Amores offers complimentary postcards (no envelope) for a personal touch - ask for a blank one for a private handwritten note or have us do it for you.

A standard flat $20 delivery fee within the Greater Toronto Area will be applied to all orders.